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Singing for Breathing

If you have a diagnosed lung condition, and would like to learn how to improve your breath control & confidence, as well as have fun and meet new people, come along to Singing for Breathing.

So why Singing for Breathing?

There’s increasing evidence that singing regularly as part of a group is good for your health & wellbeing. If you have a lung condition, research also suggests that singing can:

reduce your feelings of being short of breath. By strengthening the muscles you use when you breathe, you learn to breathe more slowly and deeply

help you to feel more in control of your breathing

increase the strength of your voice

improve your posture

increase your lung capacity

boost your body’s response to infection

reduce your use of medication when you have a flare-up

The singing and breathing session lasts an hour, and there’s time to have a cuppa and a chat afterwards as well.

From September 2017, the Gloucester CCG is funding people with a diagnosis of COPD to attend 12 consecutive sessions of Singing for Breathing for free. People with other breathing difficulties are also welcome, and invited to contribute a donation of up to £3 a session.

Come along and give it a go!

For more information, contact: Kirsty Abraham

07905 789683

What the Lydney Singing for Breathing Singers have said:

“It’s beneficial to my breathing.”

“I’m finding I can hold my outbreath for longer than I expected.”

“It does me a deal of good.”

“Nice being with people with similar health problems.”

Where: Lydney Community Centre, Naas Lane,

Lydney GL15 5AT

When: (Summer/autumn 2017) Thursdays, from 2 pm.

For further details use the link below

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