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Fire Safety in the Home

Below is a message from the Fire Service

Over the past two years we have seen significant number of fire related incidents in households where hoarding or poor housekeeping has been a contributory factor. Sadly, over the Christmas period we experienced the latest incident that resulted in a fatality in the home. We are working with several partner agencies to try and identify those people at risk in our communities, but one area that has been highlighted as a problem is not having a significant number of “eyes and ears” on the ground in the community. This is where we are seeking your help. 

If you are aware of households where housekeeping may be a problem we are asking you to engage with them and where possible to discuss a visit from one of our safety advisors to discuss fire safety and to fit free smoke alarms if appropriate. A short tick sheet guide on what to look for in relation to fire safety has been attached to this message, but please use your own judgment if you feel someone is vulnerable even if they do not tick many of the boxes. 

Where you feel someone is vulnerable and would benefit from our help there are several ways you can let us know;

 •             The favoured option is to ask them to self-refer using  our website –

•             They can also make contact on 0800 180 41 40 if they do not have internet access

•             If this is not possible, you can refer them using the same methods. To do this you must ensure that you have their explicit  permission to do so and that they understand they will be contacted by us. When referring please be sure to explain your role and that you are referring on behalf of someone else.  

It is important that we respect everyone’s right to privacy so we must deal with people sensitively and emphasise that this is not a judgmental approach. Our aspiration is to make everyone safer and to reduce risk and harm whilst respecting people’s right to live how they wish.

For the Short Tick sheet please see:

Fire _safety_self_assessment


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